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Nature. Beautiful pictures

Nature does not tolerate inaccuracies and does not forgive mistakes. Ralph Emerson

Beauty of nature. Nice pictures

Grand things are done with great tools. Nature alone makes a great gift. Herzen A.I. *****       Nature likes, attracts itself and inspires only because it is natural. Wilhelm Humboldt

Beautiful pictures. Awesome Autumn.

Nature has only four large scenery — the seasons, always the same actors — the sun, the moon and other luminaries, but it changes the audience. Antoine Rivarol ***** Nature says this: “Either study my laws, take possession of me, gain benefits, or I will enslave you and, without giving any benefit, I will also […]

Beautiful nature, amazing landscapes

Everything improves nature.  Lucretius Nature always acts slowly and economically in its own way. Charles-Louis Montesquieu

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