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Cinnamon with yogurt (kefir) — food of top models

  If at night you are hungry again, there is this mega-cool recipe! Mix kefir or unsweetened yogurt with cinnamon (take it to taste, on average, half a teaspoon) and drink. Kefir is better to take room temperature.

Cottage cheese tiramisu

  per 100 gr 94 kcal — coffee — bran (15gr) — 2 protein — 100 g of cottage cheese (I take the dry) — vanilla liquid stevia (any other sweetener) To make the cream, you need to mix the sweetener, cottage cheese and coffee, whipping them until you see a thick mass. Meanwhil

Cake «Face» with lemon and strawberry

  Ingredients: For poppy seed biscuit (16-18 cm): 165 g eggs; 127 g of flour; 120 g of fine sugar; 2 tablespoons vegetable oil; 2 tbsp of boiling water; 0.7 teaspoon baking powder; 25 g poppy; 0.7 tsp vanilla extract.

Shrimp salad with pineapple

  Ingredients (for 5 servings) One serving – about 50ккал. shrimp frozen without shell – 250 gr.; — pineapple-100 gr; — olive oil-20 ml; — sour cream-50 gr; — wine vinegar-20 ml; -parsley – 20 g; — leaf salad-20 gr; — salt and pepper to taste.

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