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Emerald cake with strawberries

Ingredients For biscuit 200 gr. spinach 150 gr. vegetable oil 1 piece lemon zest Table 2. lodges’. lemon juice 160 gr. sugar 2 PCs eggs 1 tsp. lodges’. vanilla extract 200 gr. flour 11 gr. baking powder For cream-cheese cream 300 gr. cream cheese

Chocolate orange cake

  We hasten to share with you a new recipe for roof-top chocolate-orange cake from Nadezhda Malaya, cake «Potato» which made a splash among our readers. What’s under the hood of this cake? Brownie cakes on dark Belgian chocolate (here you can finish the description), whipped chocolate ganache, juicy middle of fresh orange pulp, boiled […]

Cherry cake

Ingredients for cake diameter 18 cm: Bird cherry cakes: Bird cherry flour — 135 grams; Wheat flour-135 grams; Egg — 3 pieces; Sugar-135 grams; Butter at room temperature, slightly melt-100 grams; Baking powder-17 grams; Hot milk-250 ml. Impregnation: Sugar-50 grams;

Cottage cheese tiramisu

  per 100 gr 94 kcal — coffee — bran (15gr) — 2 protein — 100 g of cottage cheese (I take the dry) — vanilla liquid stevia (any other sweetener) To make the cream, you need to mix the sweetener, cottage cheese and coffee, whipping them until you see a thick mass. Meanwhil

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