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Cheesecake with white chocolate

Many Americans think that cheesecake, a cake of soft cream cheese, is something ordinary and uninteresting. Thank God, our civilization has not yet reached such heights of development. And for us, cheesecake is still a miracle. Start cooking 6 hours before serving INGREDIENTS 200 g chocolate chip cookies 2 tbsp. l. butter 150 g white […]

Vanilla cake

INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 200 g of sugar 40 g of cocoa powder 1 tsp. extract of vanilla a pinch of salt Berries and chocolate shavings for decoration 200 g of flour For cream: 150 g of sugar

Cake «Drunken Cherry» — a classic recipe

  A properly prepared classic cake «Drunken Cherry» has no equal among adult desserts of this kind. The unmistakable taste characteristics of delicacies are achieved by performing a not too fancy, albeit very long, technology, given the waiting time for the soaking of berries. Ingredients: yolks and proteins — 6 pcs .; egg — 1 […]

Simple pancake cake

  Baking a simple cake at home is possible with the use of a favorite and proven recipe for ordinary pancakes. Cook them with a minimum amount of oil, so they came out a bit dryish. For impregnation, a simple sour cream is ideal, complement the taste of delicacies with a layer of sour berry […]

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