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LEMON CISKEI (without baking)

  Ingredients: For the basics: 300 gr. — vanilla cookies . 200 gr. — roasted hazelnuts. 150 gr. — butter For the cream: 500 gr. — ricotta. 200 gr. — the sahara 400 gr. — sour cream


  Bright, tasty, appetizing, festive! What could be better! Biscuit cake with cottage cheese cream with fruit-it is always elegant and delicious. This cake is without a doubt you can cook on a festive table, it will become a gorgeous decoration! Plus, to prepare such a beautiful treat is very, very simple. It is based […]

Cake «Dream of life» in just 10 minutes

Ingredients: For the dough: 100 g butter can of condensed milk 2 eggs 1 Cup flour ½ Tsp soda 1-2 tsp cocoa For the cream: 300 gr sour cream

Cherry cake » Purple dream»

Cherry cake «Lilac dream» with sour cream and white chocolate Surprisingly delicious cake is obtained from ground bird cherry. This cake will decorate any festive table and impress your guests with its unusual and unique taste. Ingredients Ground bird cherry-60 gr. Milk — 1 tbsp. Sour cream — 600 g Sugar — 1 tbsp. Egg […]

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