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Stew of turkey — are very tasty !!!

Recipe for cooking appetizing hot from poultry. Stew of turkey Ingredients turkey fillet — 700 g pineapples (canned with slices) — 300 g garlic — 1 clove tomato paste — 3 tbsp. l.

Stew of potatoes in Spanish

A simple, very satisfying dish that even a beginner mistress can cook. 4 servings Ingredients red bulb — 1 pc. garlic — 1 clove potatoes — 800 g hot boiled and smoked sausage

Roast beef in pots

  It does not require much effort from the hostess to roast in a home-made beef in pots. A fragrant dish is obtained from the fact that the components are pre-fried in oil. If you cut tomatoes from above, they will give juice, making the roast more tender, soft. From the top you can sprinkle […]

Chicken with ratatouille — are very tasty !!!

The recipe for chicken with ratatouille. Cooking time 90 minutes. In one serving 450 kcal. Ingredients thyme and rosemary — 3 branches olive oil — 6 tbsp. l. granular mustard — 1 tbsp. l. chicken — 1 bird sweet pepper — 3 pods

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