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CAKE RIDGE ON WATER BAT One of the simplest cakes is the honey cake Ryzhik, which is cooked on a water bath The recipe for cake «Ryzhik»: Eggs, butter, honey, sugar and soda mix well and put in a water bath. Constantly stirring, to achieve a homogeneous mass. remove from a water bath and immediately […]

The correct marshmallow

The correct marshmallow, we prepare ourselves. 71 kcal / 100 gr * __ * Б2.77 Ж0.32 У14.02 Ingredients: — apples — 6 — 7 pcs. — sugar — 1/2 cup — egg (squirrels) — 7 pcs. — lemon juice — 2 tsp. — gelatin — 1 tbsp.

Chocolate roll with bananas

INGREDIENTS black chocolate — 100 g flour — 100 g sugar — 100 g + 1 tbsp. l.

Rolls of pita bread with bean salad and avocado

Rolls of pita bread always help the landlady very much. They can be cooked for a picnic, served on a snack in front of shish kebabs or taken along on the road. But also at the festive table, when you want to feed a large company, they will be quite to the point. Rolls can […]

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