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Cake » forest berries»

When you want something summer, feel free to cook this cake! Fragrant berry jelly, weightless cream and airy sponge cake with poppy seeds is quite a good combination, Ingredients: For the test (2 forms with a diameter of 16-18 cm): 6 eggs; 260 grams of sugar; 255 g flour; 4.5 tablespoons vegetable oil; 4.5 tablespoons […]

Magic caramel cake

  We present you the recipe for an amazing delicate cake. It tastes like ice cream «Crème brûlée». Cooked very easily, it will handle even a child. Necessary product egg — 1 piece sugar-50 gr flour-50 gr fat cream-2,5 St boiled condensed milk-0.3 kg gelatin-10 gr vanilla – 1 packet


  A great alternative to soda and soda on the country barbecue-homemade iced tea with fresh peaches! Ingredients: 2 PCs-ripe peach + 1 for decoration 250 g-cane sugar 250 ml-water for syrup 3-4 bags of black tea 800 ml-filtered water Preparation:


  Ingredients: 1 piece-small lemon 2 tbsp — vegetable oil without smell 2 tablespoons — light rum, 200 g-not roasted almonds 250 g of raspberry 4 large-peach 400 g-sugar vanilla ice cream-500 g green Basil-1 bunch powdered sugar-2 tbsp.

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