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Simple pancake cake

  Baking a simple cake at home is possible with the use of a favorite and proven recipe for ordinary pancakes. Cook them with a minimum amount of oil, so they came out a bit dryish. For impregnation, a simple sour cream is ideal, complement the taste of delicacies with a layer of sour berry […]

Meat fingers in the oven

  The recipe for meat fingers made of pork with a filling is very popular among housewives. As additional components, you can use all sorts of vegetables, cheese sticks, lard, mushrooms, it all depends on the individual wishes of the hostess. Some ingredients require pre-frying in a frying pan. Ingredients: meat — 500 g; carrots […]

Simple biscuit cake

  A simple biscuit for a cake can be prepared by yourself, and in order not to worry about its splendor you need to use a simplified recipe of the test. For a successful result, add baking powder and butter to the composition, resulting in a lush cake with the taste of a cupcake, but […]

Banana cocktail «Daiquiri»

  For exquisite drink connoisseurs, a banana cocktail «Daikiri» was invented. Thanks to the sour-sweet taste of lime, he quickly became famous throughout the world. Lime juice can be replaced with lemon, superfluous sour taste is successfully extinguished by sugar. Many connoisseurs still add berries, if the fruit is frozen, you can do without crushed […]

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