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Cinnamon with yogurt (kefir) — food of top models

  If at night you are hungry again, there is this mega-cool recipe! Mix kefir or unsweetened yogurt with cinnamon (take it to taste, on average, half a teaspoon) and drink. Kefir is better to take room temperature.

Cranberry Kurd

  Kurd perfectly complement cheesecakes, casserole, cottage cheese, cakes, pancakes, can be a layer of the cake. And you can just eat a spoon and enjoy the taste. Ingredients: Fresh cranberry — 2 cups Water — ½ Cup Yolks — 3 PCs — Egg — 1 PC. Sugar — ¾ cups Butter, cut into pieces-60 […]

Mexican hot chocolate with chili

Hot chocolate is one of the best sweet drinks, perfectly complementing winter evenings. Like any popular dish, hot chocolate is prepared in hundreds of different variations with fruit fillings and spices for every taste. There are more classic and accustomed variants with cream and milk, and more contrasting ones — with fresh fruits and spicy […]

Strawberry lemonade

  Ingredients Strawberries — 300 g lemon — 4 pcs. sugar — 100 g water — 800 ml ice — to taste Preparation: Strawberry is well washed, detach the stems. Berries put in a blender, chop. Lemons are well washed, then squeeze juice. Mix lemon juice with sugar and water and stir well.

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