Emerald cake with strawberries

For biscuit
200 gr. spinach
150 gr. vegetable oil
1 piece lemon zest
Table 2. lodges’. lemon juice

Emerald cake with strawberries

160 gr. sugar
2 PCs eggs
1 tsp. lodges’. vanilla extract
200 gr. flour
11 gr. baking powder
For cream-cheese cream
300 gr. cream cheese
200 gr. cream 33%
100 gr. powdered sugar
For decor
500-600 gr. strawberry

This bright cake immediately attracts attention. Its rich emerald color pleases the eye and evokes a feeling of warmth, sun, freshness of spring greens. You may already be familiar with this cake. Maybe someone even cooked it before. For all the rest I will open the secret of this wonderful delicacy. As part of the cake there is not a single gram of dye, and this juicy green color is obtained due to the presence of spinach in it. This vegetable greens has no pronounced taste, and juice and lemon peel completely neutralize it. A few more words about the cake. Wet and juicy chiffon biscuit does not need to be impregnated. It goes well with cream and cheese cream and berries. It turns out stunningly delicious, delicate and beautiful dessert, which is very easy to prepare at home.

I have long wanted to cook a cake with fresh seasonal berries. After reviewing many recipes, I chose one and baked a biscuit on it. It turned out pretty tasty, but had a light green color. I wanted to get rich greens. Then I made a cake for this recipe and it was very successful. I hope you like it too.

Prepare the dough. My spinach, dry with a paper towel, remove the stalks. You should get 200g. sheet. Put spinach, vegetable oil, juice and lemon zest into the blender bowl. Punch blender until smooth green mass.

Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla until light fluffy mass. Add spinach mixture. Stir.

Sift flour with baking powder. Parts are added to the mixture, gently stir.

For baking sponge cake, use three rings with a diameter of 18-20cm. Of course you can bake in one ring, but there are two reasons why it is better to do it separately. The first-the biscuit is very delicate, it will be difficult to cut into cakes. The second-in one form cake will be baked longer. Because of this, a brown crust is formed on its surface, which will have to be removed. So the dough is distributed in a ring wrapped in foil. Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Focus on your oven. Willingness to check on a dry splinter.

The finished biscuits are cooled. Carefully cut out of the rings, remove the foil, shift to baking paper. In this photo I show spinach biscuits, cooked according to different recipes. Rich green color has a biscuit from this recipe.

Prepare the cream. In a bowl, beat the cream or cheese with powdered sugar until smooth. Add chilled cream. Beat until receipt lush mass. The resulting cream is transferred to a pastry bag.

One cake is placed on a dish or on a substrate. Apply a third of the cream, spread the chopped strawberries. Also do the rest of the cakes.

Decorate the cake according to your wishes. Cake set for two hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

Cake in section. Bon appetit!

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