Bright, tasty, appetizing, festive! What could be better!
Biscuit cake with cottage cheese cream with fruit-it is always elegant and delicious. This cake is without a doubt you can cook on a festive table, it will become a gorgeous decoration! Plus, to prepare such a beautiful treat is very, very simple. It is based on the classic biscuit, and the cream is made from cottage cheese. Cheese can be replaced with cottage cheese, only in this case it will need to grind a blender or wipe through a sieve. Berries and fruits for decoration, you can take others to your liking.



Chicken eggs 6
Sugar 200
Salt to taste
Curd cheese 450
Powdered sugar 150
Black currant 20

1. The first step is to bake a biscuit. If possible, this is best done the day before the Assembly of the cake, so that the biscuit could «lie down». So it will be less crumbly when cutting. So:

eggs divided into yolks and whites;

— whites whisk with a pinch of salt in a lush foam;

— in the protein mass gradually pour half a portion of sugar, beat until stable peaks;

— to the yolks pour the remaining sugar, whisk white;

— in the yolk mass spread 1/3 of the protein, stir;

in the resulting mass is sifted (sifting is a must!) flour, gently stir until smooth with a silicone spatula;

— and now in the remaining dough enter beaten egg whites, stir movements from top to down;

— spread the dough in a split form, the bottom of which is pre-lined with parchment;

— send the form in the oven preheated to 180 degrees bake for 25-30 minutes.

2. Ready biscuit extract from the mold after it cools down a little. He will depart from the edges of the shape, which will allow you to get it. Pack the biscuit in plastic wrap and leave for a day. If this is not possible, you can continue to prepare further.

3. Spread cream cheese in a bowl, pour powdered sugar. Beat until fluffy. Chilled cream, beat separately until fluffy. Then we connect the two masses and stir. Cream’s ready!

4. Cut the biscuit into three parts. Coat them generously with cream. The surface and sides of the cake is also covered with cream. Smooth cream is not necessary, you can make the relief at its discretion.

5. Decorate that. For this all berries my. Strawberries with tails can not be removed, so it will look spectacular. Kiwi clean, cut into thin slices. Spread the prepared fruit and berries in random order.

Tip: to berries and fruits are not dried and not weathered, they can be covered with dissolved gelatin. It will give extra Shine. To do this, a small amount of gelatin is dissolved in water, with a brush cover decoration.

Give the cake time to soak. To do this, send it to the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.

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