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Hot dog with hot pepper and cottage cheese

Cut the jalapeño from side to side and be sure to peel it off. Cut the salted cucumber. Onion cut into half rings and fry in a pan until golden brown. Cook the grilled sausages and stir the buns a little. Spread buns with cream cheese, put sausages in them, top with onions, cucumbers and […]

Vegetables with tofu and buckwheat noodles

  This dish in the style of stir-fry is better to cook in a wok or iron pan over high heat. Ingredients: solid tofu-200 g, carrots — 1 PC – , red bell pepper-1 PC – , beans-200 g, leek-1 PC – , buckwheat noodles-1 pack, soy sauce to taste, honey-1 tsp,

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