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Emerald cake with strawberries

Ingredients For biscuit 200 gr. spinach 150 gr. vegetable oil 1 piece lemon zest Table 2. lodges’. lemon juice 160 gr. sugar 2 PCs eggs 1 tsp. lodges’. vanilla extract 200 gr. flour 11 gr. baking powder For cream-cheese cream 300 gr. cream cheese

Cherry cake

Ingredients for cake diameter 18 cm: Bird cherry cakes: Bird cherry flour — 135 grams; Wheat flour-135 grams; Egg — 3 pieces; Sugar-135 grams; Butter at room temperature, slightly melt-100 grams; Baking powder-17 grams; Hot milk-250 ml. Impregnation: Sugar-50 grams;

Cottage cheese tiramisu

  per 100 gr 94 kcal — coffee — bran (15gr) — 2 protein — 100 g of cottage cheese (I take the dry) — vanilla liquid stevia (any other sweetener) To make the cream, you need to mix the sweetener, cottage cheese and coffee, whipping them until you see a thick mass. Meanwhil

Cake » forest berries»

When you want something summer, feel free to cook this cake! Fragrant berry jelly, weightless cream and airy sponge cake with poppy seeds is quite a good combination, Ingredients: For the test (2 forms with a diameter of 16-18 cm): 6 eggs; 260 grams of sugar; 255 g flour; 4.5 tablespoons vegetable oil; 4.5 tablespoons […]

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