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Stew of turkey — are very tasty !!!

Recipe for cooking appetizing hot from poultry. Stew of turkey Ingredients turkey fillet — 700 g pineapples (canned with slices) — 300 g garlic — 1 clove tomato paste — 3 tbsp. l.

Roast beef in pots

  It does not require much effort from the hostess to roast in a home-made beef in pots. A fragrant dish is obtained from the fact that the components are pre-fried in oil. If you cut tomatoes from above, they will give juice, making the roast more tender, soft. From the top you can sprinkle […]

Meat rolls with a filling in the oven

  More useful and low-calorie are chicken rolls in the oven. Do not worry that the dish will be dryish, on the contrary, languished in sour cream sauce «fingers» will come out juicy and tender, and the filling will make them not only spicy and appetizing, but colorful, so you can serve it on a […]

Beef entrecote recipe in the oven

  Classical French entrecote is prepared exclusively from beef, from meat cut to bones. As a rule, the delicacy is not loaded with hearty side dishes, preferring light salads, vegetable slicing or fresh greens. If desired, the dish is complemented with creamy, sour cream or berry sauce. Ingredients: entrecote beef — 500-600 g; Dried sage, […]

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