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Roll with raspberries and cottage cheese

A smart biscuit with raspberries and cream will be an ornament of your table. Roll with raspberries and cottage cheese 10 servings Ingredients eggs — 4 pcs. salt — a pinch sugar — 130 g flour — 80 g cocoa powder 40 g starch — 40 g

Incredibly delicious Raspberry cheesecake

Incredibly delicious cheesecake, almost cake. A delicate cheesecake with whole raspberries is perfectly combined with chocolate brownies, and on top is a delicate ganache based on white chocolate and raspberry puree. INGREDIENTS for brownies: chocolate dark bitter 100 g Butter 100 g sugar 80 g   eggs of chicken 2 pcs. flour 75 g cocoa […]

Carrot cake

Ingredients for cake 18-19 cm: 180 grams of vegetable oil 240 grams of sugar 2 eggs 240 grams of flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp soda 0.5 tsp cinnamon 0.25 tsp. nutmeg

Cheesecake with white chocolate

Many Americans think that cheesecake, a cake of soft cream cheese, is something ordinary and uninteresting. Thank God, our civilization has not yet reached such heights of development. And for us, cheesecake is still a miracle. Start cooking 6 hours before serving INGREDIENTS 200 g chocolate chip cookies 2 tbsp. l. butter 150 g white […]

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