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Cake «Penecks»

Delicious cake with sour cream and dried fruits. Kislinka dried fruits nicely combined with sweet cream. Cake for a large company. INGREDIENTS dough: wheat flour 4 cups sour cream 1 glass sugar 1 glass egg chicken 1 pc. soda 0.5 tsp. filling: dried apricots 250 grams prunes 250 g

Honey cake with cinnamon

The recipe for the classic Russian honey cake is about two hundred years old: the authorship is attributed to the anonymous cook, who cooked the dessert for the wife of Alexander I. Since then, that only did not enter into the ingredients: both nuts and condensed milk. The basic recipe consists of honey cakes and […]

Cake «minute» without baking

  Ingredients Flour (for the cakes) — 3 cups Condensed milk (for cakes) — 1 pot Egg (for the cakes) — 1 pc. Soda (extinguished with vinegar) — 1 tsp. Milk — 750 g Butter (for cream) — 200 g Sugar (for cream) — 1.5 cups

Incredibly delicious Cake «Squirrel»

  Ingredients For the test: ● Egg — 1 ● Soda — 3 g ● Flour — 450 g ● Sugar — 100 g ● Sour cream — 200 g ● Butter — 120 g For cream:

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