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Fruity smoothies «Sunny» — delicious and diet!

Useful smoothies will charge vivacity for the whole day. To prepare the drink you need apples, carrots, celery and orange juice. Ingredients orange — 1 pc. apples — 4 pcs. carrots — 2 pcs. celery — 1 stem honey — 2 tbsp. l. mint — 4 sprigs for decoration

Homemade lemonade

The recipe for the preparation: homemade lemonade. 4 servings will be needed: oranges, lemon, sugar and chilled carbonated water Ingredients orange — 2 pcs. lemon — 1 pc. granulated sugar — 100 g carbonated water — 1 l

Cocktail with banana and cottage cheese

  To make the drink thick and aromatic, you need to use cultivated varieties of bananas, they guarantee a rich taste. Fans of original recipes created such an unusual option, like a cocktail with a banana in a blender, with the addition of cottage cheese. For a diet breakfast, you can add a portion of […]

Banana cocktail «Daiquiri»

  For exquisite drink connoisseurs, a banana cocktail «Daikiri» was invented. Thanks to the sour-sweet taste of lime, he quickly became famous throughout the world. Lime juice can be replaced with lemon, superfluous sour taste is successfully extinguished by sugar. Many connoisseurs still add berries, if the fruit is frozen, you can do without crushed […]

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