Very tasty and useful salad of Korean cuisine with meat


very tasty and useful salad of Korean cuisine heh with meat distinctive elements of Korean cuisine
Distinguishing elements of Korean cuisine are hot snacks and salads. Feel this hot note can be in Korean restaurants or cooking a home dish on our recipe. Preparation of a salad with the meat of Xe does not take much time, special skills are not required. Just follow the prescription exactly and you will succeed.

Very tasty and useful salad of Korean cuisine with meat

Decoration of the table, as well as an excellent snack can be a Korean salad with meat Xe.


Meat — 500 g
Carrots — 500 g
Vegetable oil — 1/2 cup
Acetic acid — 2 tbsp. l.
Garlic — 2-3 cloves
Salt, pepper to taste

Use only fresh meat, cut into thin strips. Therefore, we clean it of veins, films and slightly freeze. Then the pieces turn out to be even, thin.

Sliced ​​meat is piled in a bowl, salt, poured with acetic essence. Leave for a couple of hours. The original recipe does without heat treatment of meat, but if you are not sure of the origin, quality of the product, it is better to fry the meat in vegetable oil. After pickling with vinegar essence it does not take long.
Carrots cut into thin strips or three on a special grater for Korean salads. Solim.
Vegetable oil with garlic, pepper glow in the pan.
The juice is drained of juice, pressed, connect with carrots. Fill with hot oil, stir.
The dish should be insisted for a couple of hours before consumption, or hold in the refrigerator the night.

There are a lot of variations on the basis of this recipe. You can try adding fried onions. Someone does with fresh herbs, cucumbers. Do not be afraid to experiment with seasonings: chili, paprika, ginger, coriander. All this perfectly echoes the taste of Korean cuisine.

It is even easier to prepare this dish. Buy ready-made sauce based on vegetable oil. You will only have to prepare meat, carrots. Pour everything with the prepared sauce and keep at room temperature for a couple of hours.

And you can prepare a salad dressing in advance and use it as needed. To do this in a hot oil for a short time fry crushed garlic, then add a mixture of hot and sweet red pepper, paprika, coriander. The cooled mixture is poured into a clean jar, stored in a refrigerator.


1. Sliced ​​vegetables for salads for a long time do not store, they lose their taste and appearance. We cut before cooking.

2. Do not keep sliced ​​vegetables in water, all useful substances are washed out of them. It’s enough just to cover them with a dampened cloth and put it in the refrigerator.

3. Do not combine cold and hot ingredients in salads. All products must be of the same temperature.

4. Salt and refuel freshly salads should be immediately before serving.

5. Do not mix salads too often. From the saturation with oxygen, their taste and aesthetic qualities are lost.

6. Fill and mix the dish in the same bowl in which it was cooked. And ready to put in a clean salad bowl.

7. All the snacks on the table should be decorated differently.

If you have not prepared a salad of He with meat, then it’s time to start. The simplicity of cooking, the original taste of the Korean dish — a wonderful solution for a festive table and family dinner.

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